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Hey there Negative Nelly!

Let’s ask you some questions:

Are you in need of dropping resentment in your life?
Do you need help with cultivating a habit of positivity?
Do you need help letting go of control?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, the 7 day Mindset Reset is just what you need!

How would your life change if you could make some changes TODAY?

Who, besides you, could benefit from a more positive you?

In my 7 day MINDSET RESET, we’ll discuss:

Becoming Aware of Your Thoughts
Avoiding Negativity
Staying Positive
Dropping Resentment
Nature Therapy
Letting Go of Control
Focus, Focus, Focus

During our time together, your ecourse will also include:

  • Reading and assignments
  • Quotes and affirmationsNow is the time!
  • Mindset Reset 

    • Welcome to the 7 Day Mindset Reset
    • Private: Day 1: Becoming Aware of Your Thoughts
    • Private: Day 2: Avoiding Negativity
    • Private: Day 3: Staying Positive
    • Private: Day 4: Dropping Resentment
    • Private: Day 5: Nature Therapy
    • Private: Day 6: Letting Go Of Control
    • Private: Day 7: Focus Focus Focus
    • Private: Thank you!