The Law of Attraction is Bullshit? Assignment Time!

*This post originally appeared on my now non-existent business blog. It’s still relevant and is particularly relevant to the mission of this blog. And yes, I’m doing the assignment again. 🙂

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People on my social media feeds keep sharing stuff referring to the Law of Attraction as bullshit.

***Here’s a little tip for ya: If you spend a lot of time on social media and want to stop, start an online business.  You’ll get sick of it in no time. You’re welcome.

The people who share this stuff are mostly science people. People who need proof or need to see things rather than go on blind faith.

I have no problem with this. I am one of these people actually. I enjoy being rational and reasonable and realistic.  The three Rs, if you will.  I also understand that people don’t want to spread false information or give people the idea that things should happen for them simply by wishing for it.  But I see the LOA in effect all the time.

I was introduced to the law of attraction by a colleague in 2004 when I was working at a substance use disorder treatment center.  I read what has become my favorite book of all time, “The Four Agreements,” by don Miguel Ruiz.

NOTE: If you ever have a chance to hear him or his sons speak, TAKE IT.  They’re amazing.

The book is just a simple explanation of how we’re trained to be humans and how that training can sometimes be detrimental to our well-being.  For example, if someone tells you you’re not good enough and you believe it, you end up behaving as if you’re not good enough.

Your thoughts are so powerful that you manifest these agreements in your life.

That’s what the Law of Attraction is.  Simply, thoughts become things.

Anything you spend a good deal of time thinking about will come to pass.

Conceive, believe, achieve.

And so on and so forth.

So fast forward to today….I’m a big believer in those core concepts because I see them in my life and the lives of my clients on a daily basis.

And then I go to facebook, where everyone and their dog (literally) has an opinion about everything and see these “scientific” people talking out their butts about the law of attraction, saying that it’s nonsense.

So my question to these non-believers is this: Do you believe in the placebo effect?

Most medical professionals I know do.

According to the American Cancer Society’s website:

What is a placebo?

A placebo (pluh-SEE-bow) is a substance or other kind of treatment that looks just like a regular treatment or medicine, but is not. It’s actually an inactive “look-alike” treatment or substance. This means it’s not a medicine.

Typically, the person getting a placebo doesn’t know for sure that the treatment isn’t real. Sometimes the placebo is in the form of a “sugar pill,” but a placebo can also be an injection, a liquid, or even a procedure. It’s designed to seem like a real treatment, but doesn’t directly affect the illness.

What is the placebo effect?

Even though they don’t act on the disease, placebos affect how some people feel. This happens in up to 1 of 3 people. A change in a person’s symptoms as a result of getting a placebo is called the placebo effect. Usually the term “placebo effect” speaks to the helpful effects a placebo has in relieving symptoms. This effect usually lasts only a short time. It’s thought to have something to do with the body’s natural chemical ability to briefly relieve pain and certain other symptoms.

In other words, if someone believes they’re being treated, sometimes their symptoms improve. In fact, some patients who believe that they’re getting medication will even get some of the meds listed side effects, like headaches.  That’s call nocebo.

What a fun word…noooo-ceeeeeee-booo.

It demonstrates my point: that what you believe affects your outcomes.

Here’s another nerdy example!

In the movie “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,” Harry wins a bottle of Liquid Luck and gives it to his friend Ron so that he won’t be so anxious about his Quiditch match.  But we then learn that he didn’t really give it to him, Ron just thought he did. Thus, Ron let go of his anxiety because he KNEW he couldn’t lose.

It’s all the law of attraction.

It’s all about what you think and believe.  Or in don Miguel’s words, what you agree with.

Got it?

PS: go get this book. It’s awesome, it’s a quick read, and it’s eye opening.

Or don’t, do whatever you want.  My whole point is that humans are more powerful than we know.

For those of you who are still with me, let’s do some Law of Attraction shit!

Woo hoo!

Why an assignment?

Why not? There is never a better time than NOW.

As I continue to do this work, it’s clear to me that most of my “failures” are due to some underlying beliefs about my self worth. They pop up over and over again.  Each time, I identify them and work through them.  But it’s a process, not an event.  How’s that for a therapist saying?

Because it’s a process, I’m never done with personal development.  And my business is never done with it either.  I like to be the kind of coach that practices what she preaches but sometimes I’m a slacker.

These networking events are like personal development on steroids. You’re surrounded with the best of the best in online marketing. People are changing their lives! AND they’re telling you how they did it.  It’s a powerhouse of information, positive energy, new friends, and opportunities.

Or… sucks.

If you are not in the right mindset, Negative Nelly can take over.  It happens fast.  With one negative comment from a colleague or a disillusioned partner that energy is shot.  I’ve seen it at every  event and I’ve experienced it myself. Not preparing mentally will make or break the experience.

It can be a breeding ground of envy and negativity, and the feeling of “This is never going to happen for me.”

Add in that I’m an introvert and I feel anxious about flying and I’m afraid of looking stupid, an event is pretty much my worst nightmare (except for the nightmare I had last night. I was stuck in a mall and I couldn’t get to the three girls that I’d just adopted.  When I finally got out, I realized that I’d driven all the way to New Mexico.).

I know for sure that if I’m not in the right mindset, my heart and mind will not receive the information that it needs to move forward. I will allow my fear to take over and miss what I need to see, hear, and do.  This assignment is a great way to increase awareness and be open to insights that will improve my business and my life.  It will also prepare me for when I feel uncomfortable.  Which is pretty much the whole time.  I’m working on it.

I thought I’d share it with you because we’re all here for the same reason.  To improve our situations.

Using the law of attraction and filling my mind with the wisdom of don Miguel, I will create the awesome experience that I’m looking for.

And you can do it with me.

Take a few minutes and jot down the areas in your life where you want to make some changes.

For example:

Relationships Work/Career Finances Health/Wellness Outlooks on life

All of them.

Write down what you want to be different and what you think may be keeping you from being successful. Set the intention to have at least one personal breakthrough this week.  If you’re really on it, set an intention to have a breakthrough for each area that you outlined above.


Go to Youtube.

Search for don Miguel Ruiz.

Listen to a video of him for the next five days.

As you listen to his videos, have your list in front of you.  Jot down anything that comes to your mind. Keep track of any new insights and observations you identify.  Then, set up at least one goal to help you move ahead with your plans.  Let’s do this thing!

I’m starting with this one!!

I’m excited to see what happens for us!  Please send me a message or leave me a comment telling me about your experience!  I want to hear all about it!

Sendin’ love,



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